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I don't know anymore >_>



Oh hey late journal again lol So I enjoyed my time on the Cape. Honestly, I never have a bad time there. And THEN JUST LAST WEEK I WENT ON A TRIP WITH MY MOM AND 3 OF HER SISTERS DOWN SOUTH.

So my mom's older sis (my aunt karen) has two kids (my cousins) that live in South Carolina. And their second youngest sister (my aunt Pat) lives in Virginia, right on the metro line into DC. So me, my mom, and aunt kare took a plane to DC while the youngest sister took an amtrak train and got there 5hrs before us since we took a later plane. We spent a night at my aunt Pat's house and then loaded up the car for an 8hr road trip down to SC. I've never been to the Carolinas so it was nice :3

So much loling though, omg. Get my family together and were are insane. My cousin Emily lives near Charleston on John's Island with her British hubby and their little almost 2yr old daughter who is the cutest fjdhgjdfgd <3333 I haven't seen Emily in years since she can never come up for family stuff anymore ;o; Sometimes I wish she was my sister lol  But yeah we had lots of fun and she showed us around Charleston and took us to Kiawah Beach and I was SO EXCITED TO GO INTO WARM OCEAN WATER. I love the ocean at the Cape's cold. And has seaweed and seashells I have to climb over before I can touch the sand :U

The water was a lovely 80 degrees, clear sand. I was in heaven~ Then I got stung by a jellyfish. This was me in a nutshell: "OH MY GOD THIS WATER IS SO WARM! DAD WOULD LOVE THIS! AHHHH IT'S BEAUTIFUL! NO SHELLS TO WALK ON! OWWWWWWWWWW!!! *falls over*" the sting was so sudden and I never scream that loud when I hurt myself but holy shit did this thing hurt. And I was in so much shock that I couldn't even stand up on my foot (the one that got stung) so mom was trying to hold me up and some local was like "maybe you stepped on a barb?" but I was like "hfff no i'm pretty sure I just got stung by a jellyfish, sir." And then I started crying because I was still in shock that this had just happened (and because I thought I was gonna die). I don't know anything about jellies. I probably looked so stupid, sobbing like I was, now that I think back on it. It just hurt so much. Emily was freaking like "OMG ;A; THIS IS MY FAULT" and I had to reassure her that it wasn't and then I went to the lifeguards who were, I swear to god, all "doop-dee-doo~ here's some vinegar~ if you stop breathing, go to the hospital." and I was like ".... :I okay? thanks?" but the vinegar did help the throbbing sting. And obviously I didn't die since I'm still here. It was hard to walk though and my left foot was swelling up and all red and yeah. Not fun at all. This was a week ago, last Saturday btw. The sting was mostly faded and not bothering me at all. BUT THEN TODAY I WOKE UP AND IT WAS ITCHING LIKE CRAZY AND IT'S AS RED AS THE DAY I GOT STUNG AND ALL GROSS AND BUMPY AND NFDJHFJ. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow because nothing I put on it helps the itching or the redness.

That same day, we drove 3hrs to my cousin Stephanie's home in Greenville, SC where she lives with her new hubby. Beautiful area <3 We got to explore the city the next day and her husband, though there is a huge age gap between them, is the sweetest man ever. He's a true southern gentleman c:  Then Monday we drove 8hrs back to my aunt Pat's and got to visit some more. I got to play with my younger cousins' kittens because I never get kitty love lol We came home Tuesday night :> AND THEN OF COURSE MY COMPUTER WOULDN'T START WINDOWS. SO I FREAKED. BECAUSE WTF I HADN'T USED MY COMPUTER IN 8 DAYS. My aunt was able to fix it yesterday though so it's baaack <3333 /hugs computer

Oh hey this is turning into a long post. Lawl. Did I mention I'm going to a wedding in Pittsburgh in October? I wasn't invited initially since it's for a 3rd cousin, but my grandma basically went to the bride at the bridalshower "since I can't go, my granddaughter can take my place" and my dad was like "JDKSFHJDF MA. YOU CAN'T JUST DO THAT. OF COURSE SHE'LL SAY YES." and grandma goes "I CAN DO WHAT I WANT." he was so angry at her omg XDDD but everything's fine now. I get to see my cousins from Texas that I haven't seen since like 2005 and it's my first Jewish wedding so it should be fun ;D *does a little dance*

OH. I have a tumblr now btw:
I joined the ranks lol And I guess I'll shut up for now. Maybe I'll post some photos from the trips if I can XDDD;;;
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